Bookmark card stitching tips

The bookmark patterns are designed to fit on a card 50 mm x 152 mm (2 ins x 6 ins). This is half the width of a standard double fold card so it enables them to be used as bookmarks or greetings cards.

If you cut a single panel from a standard paper embroidery greeting card and fold it in half this will be the basis for the bookmark. When the stitching is complete you can close the card to hide the back of the work.

An Internet search for “blank bookmarks” should find a source of ready-cut blank bookmarks. Ensure they are at least 50 mm x 152 mm (2 ins x 6 ins) so the pattern fits. If they are larger that will be OK. We have seen some that fold over to cover the back of the stitching. Otherwise attach a second bookmark on the back of the first using adhesive or double-sided self-adhesive tape.

An Internet search for “clear bookmark sleeves” should find a source of plastic covers to protect the bookmarks. They are often sold to protect cross stitch bookmarks but work just as well for card stitching.

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