Papermilldirect Extra Information

Some customers have reported difficulty in locating double-fold cards on the Papermilldirect website so we are offering some extra information to speed things up. If you are familiar with their website use this link:

There is a Papermilldirect card size chart below. However, they don’t do every size in every type. If you have a problem locating a particular size/type there is a contact form on their website for customer enquiries.

Papermilldirect offers a range of card blank sizes and fold types.

Their A6 card blank size is the one that will fit the standard Stitching Cards patterns.

Papermilldirect uses “Trifold” to describe their cards with three equal-sized panels and two fold lines.

On the Papermilldirect ordering page use the dropdown selection boxes.

They offer a good selection of finishes and colours. Here are links to some of the popular ones:

White Hammered Card Blanks 255gsm

Christmas Red Card Blanks Double Sided 240gsm

Navy Card Blanks Double Sided 240gsm

Dark Green Card Blanks Double Sided 240gsm

All Card Blanks